How To Apply


We accept students between grades K-12th graders. Bridge to Independence Private School is open to all eligible students for enrollment. We will not discriminate in our admission policy or practices on the basis of educational ability. Status as a handicapped person, gender, race, sex, or religious affiliation.

     Admission to Bridge to Independence Private School may be granted upon completion
of the following:

    1. APPLICATION: Completion application form and return to BTI with non refundable fee.
    2. INTERVIEW: Make an appointment for an interview (both parent and students must attend). Contact the office at 407-487-1502 to make an appointment.
    3. REGISTRATION: Registration forms must be completed and fees paid in full to reserve placement. New applicants will be registered on a first come basis as openings become available.

The school must have on file:
<An original and current Florida Certificate of Immunization
Form DH-680
<An original and current Student Health Examinations
Form DH-3040
<A birth certificate prior to attendance in school
Required immunizations for the current school year:
Florida law requires that every student have on file at the school attending, an original certificate of immunization as follows:
4 DPT- diphtheria, pertusis, tetanus or 3 Polio
1 MMR-measles, mumps, and rubella
HIB- varies with age
Students are required to have a yearly Student Health Examination if participate in Sports

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE: All students are required to have a copy of their birth certificate on file prior to the student attending the first day of school.